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5 Steps to a Happy New You! January 5, 2012

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Happy New Year and Happy New You!  So here we are on day 5 of resolution season and I’m sure every year  you vow to do things better…to eat better…to spend less…to exercise…to be a better you!

Goodbye 2011

Well if this is the case, then I’m sure you probably released the last bit of old habits before the new year began.  Whether that was drinking, partying, eating all types of goodies or all of the above, I’m here to offer a little help at giving your skin a fresh start, by sharing a few skin refreshing tips for these next cold couple of months:

The eyes have it!

1. It’s in the EYES – You didn’t see this one coming, but as the old saying goes, “the eyes are the window to….” well that’s not exactly where I’m going here, but if your eyes are sparkling, you look as though you are sparkling! Doll-like lashes are in right now, whether you’re doing false lashes or tons of mascara, it’s time to step it up!  Spend less time fussing by getting lash extensions or lash tinting.  If you’re a little less fussy and prefer less primping, then might I suggest a couple of growth serums: Talika Lipocils and you’ll thank me for this 2-FER, Chantecaille Faux Cils Longest Lash Mascara, it even smells like roses!  If this $70 price tag is just too much right now (even though it’s getting RAVE reviews), then opt for the less-pricey version of Chantecaille Mascara, at $40.

Longer lashes mascara

Doll Eyes

2. CLEAR OUT – We all say it every year, “I’m going to do a detox.” Detox-schmetox!  It almost NEVER happens.  I don’t know if it’s because of fear or a bad experience, but most people say they’ll start a detox and either never do or never complete it.  So if you’re one of those people, here’s a simple everyday solution: drink a glass of hot water with lemon. This Chinese herbal remedy is a sure-fire method of energizing your body. It will de-tox your entire system, including the liver and gall bladder. This means that your body will be able to clean the blood faster to get rid of toxins responsible for bad skin.

3. OXYGIZE – okay, so that may not really be a word, but you get the point.  We all know oxygen is essential for life, and therefore it’s essential for healthy, beautiful skin.  City life and just aging in general lowers the levels of oxygen in our skin, leading to a duller complexion and possibly even more wrinkles.  My suggestion is to go to a professional and get an oxygen facial and then follow up with: REN Rose Synergy O12 Restoring Facial Serum– This oil based serum soaks into the skin and the oxygen effect gives an instant radiating glow.  Also, the Bliss Triple Oxygen Cleansing Foam is GREAT!

bliss triple oxygen cleansing foam

4. Speaking of oxygen, we have come to #4 which is SLEEP!  I know some of the products I recommended above are quite pricey, so here’s my 2012 gift to you: Simply sleep! Money can’t buy the benefits of a good nights’ rest. Your oxygen levels will drop if you don’t get enough sleep, meaning that your cells will not be renewed as quickly. This is when degenerative skin aging sets in. Try to get seven, if not eight or nine hours of rest a night to achieve absolutely painless benefits. It’s ideal!

5. MOISTURIZE – The final step is keeping the skin moist.  This time of year, everyone scurries trying to find the best moisturizing creams for these chappy conditions.  I’ve listed some of my favorites before, so I’ll just stress things to look for when shopping. Most think because it’s cold, they don’t need to protect themselves from the sunrays, however the sun is still out and almost more intense in winter months, especially on snowy days when the sun is reflecting off it.  So the first tip is to look for something with SPF30, preferably containing zinc oxide (a reflecting agent), next is to simply look for something more creamier and thick (hate to state the obvious), lastly take care of the elasticity in your skin by looking for something with Vitamin E.  You should be moisturizing in the morning AND at night, especially if you are washing your face at least twice a day (which I recommend).

Moisturizing glow

Moisturizing glow


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