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Four tips to keeping your skin hydrated and glowing in this heat July 24, 2012

I LOVE hot weather, but this year has just been pretty unbearable.  Some simple ways to keep your cool and keep your skin hydrated: 

1. Hydrate after every shower. Apply body oil, a must for parched summer skin, after every shower. To avoid overdoing the oil and becoming a slick spot, apply it is with a damp cloth, which allows for light, even coverage. Try Neutragena’s Body Oil or make your own by adding about 30 drops of cooling, calming lavender or chamomile essential oil to 8 ounces of sesame oil.

2. Summerize your foundation. Dry summer skin needs a little extra help. Mix a dollop of moisturizer, preferably with sun protection, into your foundation before applying. You’ll get smoother coverage and all-day protection—but remember, when it comes to summer makeup, less is usually more. Summer’s the best season to show off your natural glow.

3. Wear loose-fitting clothing. Limit your bathing to once or twice a day, as all of the water can dry out your skin.  When we sweat, we feel sticky and quick to jump in the shower.  Wearing loose fitting, and more importantly, cotton clothes (and or removing sweaty clothing) allows skin to breath and avoids chaffing (which leads to chapped and dry skin). 

4. Drink Water.  This is the last and most obvious answer.  Water, as we know helps to keep us hydrated inside and out. Image