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My skin is glowing September 13, 2011

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It feels like ages since I’ve been on here and realize although I like to write, I just have too much going on in my life to have a “blog”.  Therefore, this is now my journal!  And for the love of skincare and health, I’m going to go where I have not been before and unveil (to those who follow here) what I have been up to (those who know me well, call me secretive.  That’s not really how I would describe it, I’m just not talkative and feel that most people don’t care too much about how you’ve been doing or what you’ve been doing until it affects them.  So typically, I keep it short and say, “nothing much”. 

So, what I’ve been up to – besides everything (spa).  I have decided to dedicate two full months of committing to a “bikini diet/regimen”, thus my huge interest in watching Miss Universe yesterday!  (if you saw my tweets).  There were a few reasons I decided to do this, but honestly I won’t go into it here.  The one thing I can say here, is I’ve been SO impressed with my skin!  But here’s where it doesn’t fit with this blog – FOOD!

I LOVE to cook and experiment in the kitchen, however lost a huge drive to do such when my schedule got crazy.  However, one of the things that ultimately convinced me to do this was to challenge my cooking skills.  Now again, for those who know me, you know I’m VERRRRRYYY picky about my food and never realized just how hard of a challenge it is to cook WITHOUT SALT!  Yes!  I said with NO SALT!  WHEW!  Not only was this a challenge for me mentally, but it became a challenge physically and my body was fatigued and confused.  I felt naseous and totally weak at times.  (I’m talking as if I’ve been at this for months – it’s really just a week but seemed like the longest week EVER!)  It would take me an hour to eat my lunch (either rice and chicken or chicken and pasta).  Well, I found the best thing ever!  LIQUID AMINO’S  Like MSG, this stuff makes EVERYTHING taste better!  It’s SO much better than salt, and for someone like me who loves Soy Sauce, it’s a great replacement.  Salad is now my favorite meal of the day (dinner time meal) and I typically use a small amount along with balsamic vinegar as my salad dressing.  It reminds me of the Benihanna ginger salad that I love so much!  I could go into osharing recipes, but I won’t – email or comment if you’d like.  A Kale salad is another addiction of mine right now, using the Braggs – so simple but so scrumptious! 

Although, I know I won’t stick strongly to this diet after October I know that it has taught me that food can taste just as good without seasoning with all types of salts.  With a family history of high blood pressure, I’m hoping that I won’t follow in the footsteps of my family and encourage my friends and family members to lessen their salt intake and enjoy eating just the same!


One Response to “My skin is glowing”

  1. Tiffany Says:

    I love your journal. It is nice to know that changing habits are hard for all of us. Your such an inspiration and I’m noticing good differences in my skin. Expecting greater results!

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