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Sidewalk Skincare May 24, 2011


Sidewalk Skincare

Survival Balm

I’ve never admitted it, but I’m obsessed with everything about skin.  Well, maybe I have admitted it.  It’s what has gotten me to where I am now, and what led to this blog.  I guess I’d be better off saying I generally focus on the skin on the face or hands.  Well, let’s change it up a bit.  I came across a product that I am VERY curious about.  It’s called Shoe Survival Balm by a company called Sidewalk Skincare.  Maybe I’m late, because they have been featured in everything – from Self to The Examiner to Daily Candy and even Readers Digest. 


The concept behind the brand is to prevent chaffing and blistering or skin irritations in general, that result from everyday shoe wear.  Although marketed for everyday use, the product seems to be heavily supported by brides and runners.  Its design is reminiscent of your average deodorant stick, however sleek enough to slip into your purse with no hesitation to pull it out at the first sign of rubbing or irritation.

Buy with me here.


2 Responses to “Sidewalk Skincare”

  1. KhamilianMUA Says:

    Ya know…you’re not making it ANYYYY easier on me and my “go-to” kit…(it’s heavy as it is)

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