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Tattoos move to the lips May 16, 2011

Violent Lips temporary tattoo

It seems we are in the era of a tattoo craze.  I have seen more tattoos in the last two years than I care to count.  To prove my point, the makeup industry is now playing into the craze.  Are You Ready For Tattoo-able Lip Color? Here it comes–the wave of beauty products attempting to capitalize on the success of Sally Hansen’s Nail Effects and Minx. Violent Lips beauty company is launching with temporary tattoos for your kisser that come in three-packs for $14.95 with an array of designs, like flowers, fishnet, and animal prints…. What, haven’t you always wanted cheetah lips?

Violent Lips’ temporary tattoos come in three-packs for $14.95 and are applied in a four-step process. They last four to eight hours — to endure a raging “night out,” and can be removed with mineral or baby oil.  Reportedly next: eye color.

Oddly enough, I cannot wait until these are on shelves.  I would like to try the glitter variety.


2 Responses to “Tattoos move to the lips”

  1. KhamilianMUA Says:

    Sounds like something I might try once…lol

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