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My Getaway Essentials May 11, 2011

Memorial Day is approaching, and with it, the unofficial start of the wunderlust season.  However, my travel season has already begun.  After several painful packing nights (for New York and then California and now Boston), I realize I always save the simplest for last, which surprisingly is my toiletries.  No matter how long my stay, I pack the same essentials.  So, whether your getaway plans include sunning at the beach, roughing it in the mountains, couple-roaming the delights of Paris, or exploring the lesser-known charms of the Far East, you will need to pack your essentials. 

I wanted to share my skin care essentials that are a must on my trips this summer:

All of the following are my basics to make sure my skin is in top shape when leaving town and returning home.  I rarely carry any treatment items because these simple items keep my skin balanced.  (Again, keep in mind my skin is combination seasonal meaning I’m really dry in the winter and can get somewhat oily in the summer, however I still have dry areas).

Some of these items may be more familiar than others.  I cannot live with out these products, and as I’ve said before, it takes a lot to impress me.  These products have shown results on me in tremendous ways and now I invite you to try them and share your results with me.  





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