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Finalist for the Win Your Own Beauty Line April 5, 2011

Outfit Selection
#Team Beauty Outfit Selection


I have sent out my thank you’s via twitter and via facebook for the tons of support received while competing to win my own beauty line via GeorgiaNY.  Closing in on Women’s History Month, GeorgiaNY held an honoring/recognition and networking event.  The event, held by GeorgiaNY, was intended to recognize the 5 finalists as well as recognize the winner, Shana Green.  I travelled up to New York City excited to meet all of my fellow competitors as well as the many bloggers who were invited to this event.  I arrived in the City at about a quarter to five and hopped from one train to the next to get to this quaint salon and boutique located in Soho.  I arrived at about 6:15 to an almost packed venue.  I was amazed already!  As I introduced myself, I was ushered around to meet the other finalists and to everyone’s surprise ALL FIVE #TEAM BEAUTY finalists made it!  I met Santara (@GorgeousBeautyBlog), Shana (@Sweeteababy0427), The Sisters – Nicole & Sierra (@Destined2act), and Cormie!

I met many other bloggers and NYC movers and shakers and just had a good time networking.  I was pretty disappointed that we didn’t get a group photo with Ebony magazine because there will be a feature in the magazine, but the good news is there will be a feature in the magazine.  All-in-all, I appreciate this opportunity and still feel that I am a winner with Evolution of Man being offered a space on the shelves of GeorgiaNY (updates at a later date). 

So thank you to everyone (again) for all of your support.  I truly feel loved and appreciated!


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