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Ridding of oily skin March 15, 2011

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I was recently on a forum where a young lady shared her formula for ridding her oily skin problems.  Just for the curious, here was her formula:

  1. *Bioseptic ear clean (from CVS or your local pharmacy)
  2. * Jojoba Oil face cream (which she said you can also mix with an anti-aging cream or night cream)

Directions: Use the bioseptic twice a day as a toner.  Do NOT wash your face in the morning, instead apply the bioseptic followed by the jojoba oil.  Wash your face at night and exfoliate a few times a week – gently (ie: dermalogica micro-exfoliant).

Although I do not have oily skin, I was pretty intrigued by this post because I have friends and clients who fight with this problem and are always looking for a remedy.  As they always hate to hear, it’s a blessing to have oily skin because you age well.  Nevertheless, I went into my scientific research mode and here’s what I found.  First of all, I could not find a “Bioseptic Ear Clean” at my local drug store, nor could I find it online.  HOWEVER, I did find what it’s made of:

Bioseptic = deionized water, sd alcohol 1-b, camomile extract, hamamalis extract, bezalkonium chloride.

The bioseptic sseems to be a pH balance, which is the same concept as a toner. However, here’s how it differs – the first few ingredients are self-explanatory, the last ingredient (bezalkonium chloride), not so much.  This ingredient is largely used as a disenfectant or topically as a skin antiseptic (sometimes actively used to treat cuts and scrapes), also in hand sanitizers, hygenic towelettes/wet wipes, and eye and nasal drops (or ear drops).  In the end sounds like it will also help with acne.

Although skeptical at first, after my research this sounds like a great formula to reduce excessive oil production on the skin.  I would love to hear feedback if anyone is willing to try this regimen or if you need help formulating how to create your own bioseptic “toner”. 

Before I close out, I wanted to share that in my research I found that there is a “Bioseptic Soap” sold in the UN.  It has been found to eliminate an excessive amount of germs that our average soap sold here in the US will not.  The soap is called Bioseptic 7 and is said to be mild and moisturizing.   I have not found where I can purchase online, but if I have any followers with connections to the UN, please contact me.


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