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Look like an Egyptian February 22, 2011

Ankh tattoo

Ankh tattoo

Egyptians value life so much that they focused on the afterlife almost as much as the present.  They would put an Ankh in their hands upon death, as their way through to afterlife (as the ankh symbolizes the key of life).  I have an Ankh on my left shoulder as a similar symbolism. My name means life – like Steve Wonder said in his song, life is Aisha.  I just had to throw that in because I always feel like I have a connection with Egyptian culture. Haha!

Anywhoo….back to egyptians and skin:  Preserving the skin was a huge part of the process in preparing one for the afterlife. Therefore, I wanted to share a couple of Egyptian skincare must-haves. The first is a commonly used nightly ritual, tweaked for today’s use.  This modern “skin preserver” is used nightly by Egyptian women and consists of pure glycerin and lemon juice, mixed with Nivea. The more ancient emollient consisted of just glycerin and natural honey, which was believed to have been used to preserve the mummies. There is a company (Weiser Cosmetics) who has commercialized this ritual, and created a lovely cream called Armenia Skin Cream

The Egyptians seemed to understand the benefits of honey and the skin (I plan to blog on honey and it’s benefits in next weeks blog).  They also understood the importance of moisture as a way of preserving the skin.  There are many who believe that glycerin is not good for the skin, however I am not one of those people.  Did you know that you could cleanse your skin using pure glycerin?  Yes.  It’s very similar to the concept of using cleansing oils.  I have used this technique on occasion (in the winter specifically) and have loved the results – my skin felt super hydrated and soft the next morning.  One thing I must note if you plan on using this technique – make sure you have or plan to exfoliate your skin, otherwise the dead skin cells will be more noticeable.   

Egyptian Magic

Egyptian Magic

And now……to share my favorite product in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD!  Seriously, after spending hundreds of dollars on various “miracle creams” and products, I have gone back to this $35 celebrity favorite.  I feel like this is one of the best kept secrets, although it’s been mentioned by celebrities such as Oprah, Madonna, and Kate Hudson.  It has been the only product that has shown noticeable results in diminishing my hyperpigmentation as well as it has helped to clear up my skin in the past.  It never hit me until now, that I complained about the cost, but have spent 3x’s more on products with all types of junk (meaning chemicals and parabens) mixed in it.  This product is all-natural (another plus) and non-scented (great for my eczema skin).  So what is this product I rave about?  Egyptian Magic!  It lives up to it’s name – it’s not a miracle cream, it’s a magic cream!  I have kept this product as a secret weapon in my camp – up until now, I only told my BFF about it, but now i’m screaming it to the world.  If you have scarring or dry skin or even breakouts, go and pick this up from Whole Foods, Trader Joes, or your closest natural market or order online.  The price has gone up from $30 to $35 (the price went up because of it’s demand), but I now realize whatever the price, this is a good one to keep on hand, even if you keep it just for emergencies such as a burn.  The product consists of some of the most basic ingredients such as olive oil, beeswax and honey.  Another product using honey! Go figure!

How I use it: After washing my face at night and putting any serums that I feel are necessary, I will rub the egyptian magic between my hands until it becomes an almost oil consistancy and apply on my face before going to bed.  This way, as the skin replenishes at night, these properties can be soaking into the skin and helping the healing process.  I have also, from time to time, used this in my hair, noticing baby soft hair as a result. 

Egyptian Magic is magical for it’s healing properties.  On the container, it says “All purpose skin cream”.  I would love to hear any feedback from those who use this product and what for, as well as from those who decide to go out and purchase it.  

On a note of beauty, another look Egyptians are known for are their dark accented eyes. Nefertari has an eye khol like the original formula from ancient times. All products are all natural and authentic. This khol is a powder that would need to be wet, the same as if you were applying an eyeshadow as an eyeliner.


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