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Gator Balm February 15, 2011

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If you follow my blog, you already know that I’m always keeping an eye out for a holistic remedy or a natural way of healing or something of the sort.  Sometimes I torture myself (like with the Harataki).  But in those times, it’s worth the torture (they say pain is beauty, right?).  So, guess what it is this week?!  GATOR BALM (by African Formula)!  (No torture here!) 

When I first heard the name, my initial thought went to the Lubriderm commercial with the alligator slithering through a white-walled room with a woman laying on a white lounge.  I wondered could these two be similar in any way.  Nevetheless, I then began my research.

I was introduced to this balm by a naturopath who told a young girl (having had a pretty severe case of acne and hyperpigmentation resulting from the acne) to apply the gator balm to her face and let sit for 5 to 10 minutes and then wipe off with an astringent or witch hazel (note: this is different from toner).  I have not seen the girl since she has started this regimen, but she has attested to great results and improvements.  There’s not much research online that has shown much other than testimonials and hearsay, so I wanted to see if any of my followers had any insight on this product.  It is supposed to be great for eczema, dry itchy skin,  and even Psoriasis.  Consisting of all pure products, I can see why this would be a great product to keep in your arsenal, however up to this point in my research, nothing in it made me think it would be a great remedy for acne, in particular, outside of the “healing” properties. 

However, the one thing that stood out to me was that it contains goldenseal, which was torture to me as a kid.  My mom used to get goldenseal from this guy named Honey (he owned a record shop – I think off of Georgia Avenue).  She made me and my brother take a teaspoon of goldenseal to make sure we did not get sick.  Until now, I never knew that this product was used topically as an antimicrobial.  Ah-ha!  Here it is!  This must be why she is seeing improvement!  Along with an antimicrobial ingredient, the product contains soothing and healing agents such as Comfrey Root and Vitamins A, D, and E.  I will be ordering this and sharing my results.  Until then, have any of you tried this or heard good things?  Please share.


One Response to “Gator Balm”

  1. Carmela Says:

    Gator Balm is one of those miracle products you want to tell the world about. I first used it at the suggestion of a Whole Foods associate when I had some burns and bad irritation from incompetent salon waxing. The relief was immediate. My family also uses it for diaper rash — best solution we have ever found. I also use it on rough elbows and feet. This is good, good stuff.

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