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Renee Rouleau Review for Skin Type #5 (Sensitive Skins Only) February 1, 2011

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Renee and Aisha

me and Renee Rouleau

On December 28, 2010, Renee Rouleau graced the DMV with her presence and I must admit – I was anxious to meet with her after following her tweets for months.  Not only did she intrigue me with her unique and enticing skin tips, but she also showed that she was well-rounded in all skin types, which is not common in the industry.  Also, anxious to try her products, I was glad that she brought a few to sell.  I explained to Renee that I had very sensitive skin and that almost anything I put on my face stings.  She was evaluating my skin even before I could express my concerns and nailed my skin type just like that!  If you know anything about RR, you know that she works from a system of 9 skin types.  She pegged me for a Skin Type #5, which include the following symptoms: frequently irritated from harsh products, produces oil in the summer, mostly in t-zone, skin can feel tight or dry during the winter, etc.

Renee further explained to me that sensitive skin can be due to many factors: environment, hormones, emotional stress, and harsh skin care products. With her products, the focus is on ingredients to help soothe, strengthen (build the skin barriers), and comfort your sensitive skin.

So my routine skin care plan was prescribed as follows:


  • Cleanse with the Purifying Face Wash
  • Tone with the Elderberry Toner (leave damp for next step)
  • Apply Vitamin C & E Complex (apply 1-2 pumps)
  • Daily Protection SPF30 (apply to face and neck)


  • Cleanse with the Calming Chamomile Cleanser (apply to dry skin)
  • Tone with the Elderberry Toner (leave damp for next step)
  • Apply Glycolic Serum 10% (ONLY once or twice a week) OR White Tea Soothing Complex (using on the nights in between the Glycolic Serum). Alternate the serums every 2 to 3 days.
  • Moisturize with Hawaiian Nourishing Cream

My Experience:

I was headed out-of-town for New Years Eve celebrations and the Prince Concert in NYC the next day, so I was uber excited to bring my new products with me.  I had purchased the Vitamin C & E Complex, the daily protection, glycolic serum and white tea soothing complex.  She was out of toner and the Hawaiian Nourishing Cream, however I really wanted to try the nourishing cream and was quite surprised that after placing the order, it came in the mail in about two days.  Her assistant is SO awesome (Thanks Lydia!)  With that said, I must give my disclaimer: I did not follow the routine to a ‘T’.  I used my Rose Toner that I can’t seem to go without (that’s homemade by a colleague of mine – Habeebah’s Herbals.  Everyone LOVES it who I introduce to the line).

My favorite of my purchase has been the Vitamin C & E Complex.  The first thing I noted was the nice soft scent.  I was a little thrown off because the consistency of the Complex was a little looser than I was used to, but then again I was used to Vitamin C’s stinging my skin as well.  Per Renee’s instruction, I was to use the complex after my cleanser and toner, in my morning routine.  Immediately, I  saw why this is Renee’s #2 best-selling product and I think that it must be due to the ‘no-sting’ formula and wonderful scent.  In addition, being composed of antioxidant vitamins, it is an anti-aging MUST!  I was quite surprised that after experiencing some stinging from my toner (after an exfoliation that I should NOT have done), I put this Vitamin C serum on and it actually soothed the stinging.

Benefits of the Vitamin C & E Complex:

  • good for sensitive skin (no sting formula)
  • improves uneven skin

I followed up the application of the complex with the daily protection (SPF30).  It is a must and is great because it’s a moisturizer and daily protection in one!  Needless to say, this is their #1 best-selling product.  It protects from UVA AND UVB rays, which is important because typically a product protects from one or the other.  I also love the fact that it is formulated for sensitive skin, that’s also prone to breakouts (it won’t clog pores) and dries to a matte finish.  A lot of times SPF is itchy or may even sting my skin.  I did not get any adverse reactions from this SPF product.

Renee was very careful in recommending the glycolic due to how sensitive I explained that my skin was.  She informed me to use at night, after washing and toning.  She warned me that due to my previous sensitivity, I would not use the general recommended frequency.  Instead of altering 7 days a week, every other week, I was to use 1 to 2 nights a week (not back-to-back) and intermittently incorporate the White Tea Soothing Complex which is great for anti-redness and in turn, would help to rebuild by skin barrier.  While the glycolic was gentle (containing Aloe Vera extract, and Allantoin), I still felt some sting when applying this AHA formula to my face.  Even better, I have since noticed less breakouts and minimization of blackheads (on my forehead).  As directed, I use the soothing complex on off nights, however as stated, I have not experienced the “essential moisture and nourishment” to my dehydrated skin as stated on the bottle.  Oddly enough, the White Tea soothed my skin, but not as well as the Vitamin C & E Complex.

Benefits of the Glycolic:

  • dissolves dead skin cells
  • encourages cell turnover

Benefits of White Tea Soothing Complex:

  • Neutralize free radicals
  • Improve hydration levels
  • Calms redness and sensitivity

My final nightly step, I was instructed to use the Hawaiian Nourishing Cream, which features a bio-fermentation technology from a Red Marine Algae (that is found along the shores of the Hawaiian islands).  Although this cream feels wonderful going on, I can’t say that I’ve seen any difference in “healing” my skin.  It smells good and feels hydrating, and I even feel an immediate “lift” after applying the cream.  My speculation is that my skin doesn’t need improvement (wink) in the area of anti-aging and what I’m feeling is helping to prevent future aging appearance (wink wink).

Hawaiian Nourishing Cream Benefits:

  • Intensive Repair
  • Improving appearance of skin aging

My Before and After (forehead full of blackheads):


All in all, I love t

he non-irr

itating formula (using Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate), Vitamin C & E Complex and will likely continue to order it, as well as the Daily Protection SPF.  The Glycolic, even though it doesn’t “soothe sensitive skin” like the bottle reads (IMO), I think this is a good formula for sensitive skins, due to the added aloe vera extract and allantoin.  The White Tea Complex, while it’s described as offering incredible anti-irritant qualities, I was not excited about this helping to build my skin barriers or soothe my skin.  I also felt no moisturizing help or added nourishment from it.  Lastly, the Nourishing Cream I think I will keep by my bedside because it seems if I give this product a little more patience, I’ll see a difference in my skin.


  • Vitamin C & E Complex
  • Daily Protection SPF 30
  • Hawaiian Nourishing Cream

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