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IC Faces full disclosure January 25, 2011

Since the new year, there has been so much going on. I have neglected my blog once again. Well, I have promised myself (almost like a new years resolution) to blog once a week – on Mondays (to have the post up on Tuesdays).  To re-introduce you to my skin obsessions, I must share that I’ve been totally obsessed with finding a skin care line that will bring my skin back to life. I thought when I cut my hair, I would have fewer worries of the products seeping onto my forehead and breaking me out.  But I still struggle with small patches of breakout on my forehead from not washing the product out of my hair quickly enough.

Let me back up a bit and give full disclosure. I have sensitive skin that is (seasonal) combination to dry, pigmented, and tight.  This breakdown is from The Baumann Skin Type System in which I’m a faithful believer. I’ll explain each factor:
Factor 1: Hydration (oily vs. dry)
Factor 2: Sensitivity (sensitive vs. resistant)
Factor 3: Pigmentation (pigment vs. non-pigmented)
Factor 4: wrinkled vs. tight

(Now you can try to discover your skin type)

THE PROBLEM: With that disclosure, I must share my biggest challenge: my sensitive skin. This is a blessing and a curse. With sensitive skin (in my case) almost everything stings my skin (the curse);  while on the other hand, most products work quickly because my skin barrier is low and my skin is less resistant (the blessing).

THE GUILTY PLEASURES: For this reason, I have to avoid many products like scrubs (ie: Clarisonic), fragranced products (ie: Bath & Body), and drying soaps (esp. those with alcohol).

THE FIX: to begin rebuilding my skin barrier, I must begin by replenishing the fatty acids  (barriers are comprised of cholesterol, fatty acids, and ceramides). I’ve currently re-introduced omega’s back into my diet along with flax-seed oil and lots of greens. I’m still looking for the right Vitamin E to incorporate. 

In addition to my supplements and skin diet, I’ve been using some new products in my search of the ultimate.  I’ll have to share some of the products at another time.  Tune in next week for my first product review…


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