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More Gifting in 2010 December 14, 2010

I cannot believe how addicted I’ve gotten to posting my holiday finds and gift ideas.  Well, actually I can because as most people who play a part in my life know – I am a shopaholic! So, now that I’ve got that out…now that I’ve introduced myself and admitted to my addiction, now we can begin my therapy….by me sharing:

I hope you find these gifts and gadgets just as cool and exciting as I did.  If you thought my other post leaned more towards the female species, well I think this one would be enjoyed by the fellas (dap please).  So if you haven’t already gotten your gift for the man in your life (brother, husband, father, cousin….) please continue on….

  • As an artist who works with other artists and those who absolutely adore shoes (male and female), I thought this was a pretty kool idea.  I would like to believe here in DC we have the most fashionable sneaker-wearers around, but some of you may prove me wrong.  Rep your city and let me know who’s sneaker game is out of this world!  In the meantime, check this out for that cool kid who loves being unique.  I present to you the sneaker customization kit!  When they pimp their sneaks, they may even find a new business to make some extra money!

    Hand-painted sneakers

    Sneaker Pimp

  • Everyone has a techy in their circle.  Those who just cannot give up the computer or the iPod/Pad for more than a day….for more than a half-a-day for that matter.  For those, I give you the 5-finger touch glove.  Great for this weather we’ve been having.  These gloves have tips on each finger allowing you to still conduct electricity from your fingers to the screen.  So now, you can send them in the cold with their fancy gloves to stay warm with their fancy  iPod phone/touch/nano or whatever keeps them so occupied and distracted from hearing what you have to say 😉 With a gift like this at $24, they’ll love you for it and won’t even know you’re being sarcastic when you tell them to stay out! (LOL)

    power stretch 5 finger liner

    power stretch 5 finger liner

  • More gloves!  Check out these gloves from Jack Spade and see them go from zero to hero!  Made out of fancy merino wool, these gloves would be perfect for that guy who works outside or stays outside a lot.   Don’t they remind you of the gloves from the Christmas movie with Sinbad and Arnold Schwarznegger?
  • Do you know someone who’s just sneaky?  Well, they don’t have to be totally spy material, but check out this sneaky little gizmo, here.  This little speaker, disguised as an acorn also has a built-in FM radio.  They’ll set this thing on their desk and have their co-workers wondering where the wonderful sounds are blazing from.

    acorn speaker

    acorn speaker

  • Does anyone remember Do The Right Thing?  Remember Radio Raheem?
    Radio Raheem_LoveHate

    Radio Raheem_LoveHate

    OMG!  I couldn’t resist when I saw this “Glove-Hate” oven mit.  Great for that chef in your life!  Do you have a chef in your life that LOVES the ’80’s?  Well, here is the best gift money can buy!  The will want to show off their new kitchen accessory so watch out as the chefs hand battles to make a knockout dish for you and whoever else cares to watch the story of how love and hate battle it out to make an impression in the kitchen: “It is with this hand that I mix the batter and it is with this hand I pour the batter.” LOL

    Love Hate Mits

    Love Hate Mits

And if you feel the need to prepare yourself for the story of love and hate (or just want a solid throwback reminder to tickle your fancy), check the YouTube video here.

  • A&R knife holder

    A & R knife holder

    Speaking of a chef in the kitchen and throwing up your dukes, maybe the kitchen is not a safe place to be, especially if you should decide to gift this little sign of caution for entering the kitchen.  No, really this is an awesome work of art and the designers have cleverly designed this bad boy for safety (even though it may not look that way).  With five of the only knives you should need in the kitchen, that will never dull this is the perfect gift for a chef who really wants to throw down (and not throw knives).  Priced from $130 to $160 this knife holder from the A Plus Store usually ships within 48 hours.  Just for you last-minute shoppers!


  • For that outdoorsman, check out how far we’ve come with these new sleeping bags.  I LOVE IT!  Can’t I just buy one to walk around with all the time? Kinda like those abominable snowmen suits that we wore as kids…even though it’s purple, can’t you see why I say this is great for a guy?!
  • sleep break

    Not IN the sleeping bag!

    They even included “built-in padded slippers” for this middle-of-the-night break.  I’m pretty sure, this is probably where the idea started, just thinking of the trouble to get out of the sleeping bag after you’ve been nice and cozy at rest.  Well either that or the ability to connect as many sleeping bags as you’d like and have plenty of room to move around in or eeeerrrhhh *blink blink* my mind is roaming.  Well, let’s just say the name of the sleeping bag is “Sexy Hotness Sleeping Bag” and we’ll leave the rest to your imagination and whatever you plan to do in the woods with whomever you choose to give this gift.
  • Ok, minds are clear again.  Back to the cool finds!  Know any beer lovers or bartenders?  Tell them to stop using their teeth by getting them this convenient little inexpensive gift.  It’s a bottle opener ring!  How convenient!  At 8 bucks for 2, you might as well get a few to just pass out at your favorite bar!    Simple as 1..2…3!
Bottle opener ring
Bottle opener ring


  • For the #1 dude in your life, this organic beard oil will make sure the two of you stay close this holiday season. From MCMC Fragrances, straight out of Brooklyn…and brought to you with love, Dude #1 will be your man’s favorite new product in 2011.
  • Redskins Snack Helmet

    Redskins Snack Helmet

    I’m sorry to say there is no team featured in my house.  There is no football fan present! BUT for those of you who do have NFL lovers….Redskin lovers (I’ll probably get some flack for this one)… I thought this was so clever!  There are so many haters, I’m sure there will be some ill-comments made here on why I chose to feature the Redskins.  Well only because I’m DC all-the-way! Born & Raised! hehe! The remote in one hand, this helmet or uhhh Redskin snack helmet in the other and the big screen in front!  Oh he’s not going anywhere!  Let him enjoy the holidays with this new buddy!  It even comes with a cover if he has to leave for a moment to take a bathroom break.

  • dart wall hooks

    dart wall hooks

    Maybe you’re trying to find a gift for the guy who was just allowed to create his mancave.  Well they’re not all bad.  Some guys care if their buddies just throw their coats across the chair or on the floor even.  For those that do care, this is a convenient and clever idea.  Darts!  These are actually Dart Wall Hooks!  I told you it was clever!  You must however warn them that these are no ordinary darts.  Make sure they inform their buddies that regular darts will not work if they’re looking to add more; they will not hold up as sturdy as these which are meant to hold the heaviest of coats.

  • Philips-Senso-Touch-3D


    As we bring this list to a close, I figured I couldn’t leave this post without featuring some type of men’s grooming product, since this is my niche.  For those who want to hint-hint to that guy that he needs to take a little extra time in the morning and get a closer shave, check out the NEW 3-D (Yes, we’re no longer in the HD promoting stages, but now 3-D) Philips SensoTouch 3D Ultimate Shaver! Intended to be used either wet or dry, this new technology boasts the ability to follow all of the contours of your face closely and precisely lift and cut each hair down to the ultimate smooth shave!  It features a touch screen numeric display for setting your desired optimal shaving experience.

  • Maybe you have a holiday grench in your life that you still want to get a gift but just don’t know what.  Well I leave you with this! (picture not included – you must click the link)

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