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Vogue on Natural Beauty with Tata Harper November 8, 2010

November 2010 Vogue Cover

November 2010 Vogue Cover

I was reading the November 2010 issue of Vogue magazine and of course flipped right to the beauty section.  I was excited to see the featured beauty article on natural beauty.  You may have read my previous blog about terms like “hypo-allergenic” and other terms that are tricks of the industry.  If so, you know that this topic can get really deep so I won’t go into all of that right now, but I will share with you guys that it’s been a struggle trying to find products that deliver and that are non-toxic

Needless to say, when I flipped to this Vogue Tata Harper article I dove in deep!  I’m SO anxious to try these products just from reading this article and the fact that they make them fresh on the farm and only use fresh ingredients, finding substitutes for things that are synthetic and otherwise toxic.  The rejuvenating serum will be my first purchase, with the hopes of good results and going back for more. 

Clarisonics and Philosophy

Clarisonics and Philosophy

I recently (on seeing a tweet from ThisThatBeauty) bought a Clarisonics that was on special on QVC with the Philosophy line.  I couldn’t pass up this awesome deal even though I shied away from this exfoliating device before due to (1) having sensitive skin; and (2) having an all-in-one machine that contains a larger version.  With this being something I could keep in my bathroom and not have to go into my spa area to exfoliate, I broke down and bought the kit.  On top of that, I’d heard rave reviews of the Philosophy line so it was an added bonus in my book.  My first use with the Clarisonics machine and using the Philosophy cleanser was an okay experience.  I was happy with how well it cleansed my skin however I couldn’t get over the scent of alcohol that lingered in the air.  I read the ingredients to see what it was that I could be feeling so iffy about.  There were many words on there that I couldn’t pronounce (flag 1) and had to go to my cosmetic dictionary.  My skin is already somewhat dehydrated so the smell of alcohol was scary to me (flag 2).  Needless to say, the bottle is still pretty full and I have probably used it one other time.   As a product initially endorsed by Oprah and meant to encourage women to be positive and feel good about themselves, this product did not excite me!

Not Just a Pretty Face

Not Just a PrettyFace

A few months ago, I was blessed to meet a woman named Honi Borden of Holecomedispa, who introduced me to a book called “Not Just a Pretty Face: The Ugly Side of the Beauty Industry” (which Honi sells on the site).  I went home intending to just read the first page of this book and could not put it down.  I knew that I was about to embark on a new path that would not be easy.  Please follow me on my journey as I take you through my skincare phases (I am not promising an easy turnover at ALL).  In the meantime, scoop up these Tata Harper products with me as they offer 10% off for those who like the Tata Harper Facebook Page.


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