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Adult Acne increase in America October 20, 2010

I have been hearing more and more women speak on their frustration of never having had teenage acne, and now having to deal with the troubles of acne in their adult life.  Well let’s note, you are not free from acne just because you have surpassed the puberty stage.  Age has nothing to do with acne – some babies have acne.   

Baby acne

Baby acne

However, adult acne is becoming more prevalent – The Doctors’ Dr. Drew Ordon quoted that adult acne has increased by up to 40%.  That’s a significant difference!  So why all of a sudden is it more prevalent?  It should first be noted that this increase is mostly seen in females.  So this may allow us better answers to why the increase: 

(1) More women are taking on responsibility in the family and helping to  bring home the bacon (turkey please!);  

(2) More women are taking hormonal drugs which like anything else put in the body will release through the skin; 

(3) Lastly, we are all enduring even more stress than previous years.  Stress will also target the skin and release toxins, resulting in many different skin problems, one major one being acne. 

So what is acne?  Acne forms from the oils and sebum trying to release from under the skin – if you do not exfoliate and keep the pores unclogged and do not allow this sebum/oil to release, it will form into a buildup which pushes its way to the top of the skin and forms either a blackhead (that which is exposed to oxygen), a whitehead (that which is not exposed to oxygen). 

Sebum and sebaceous gland

What is a pimple?


From the cause and effect just explained we should be able to deduce our final conclusion on how to eliminate adult acne:

(1) In dealing with stress you can allow yourself a set moment of relaxation (if possible); also you can try to sleep more, exercise more, and of course by having a balanced diet  will contributes to physical well-being and hence prevent acne.  As for supplements, B5 and B12 are great for energy, with 12 helping enhance the activity of the immune system and deal with stress 

(2) Hormonal causes can be curtailed by finding an alternate medication that may be more natural and less toxins released from the skin.  Some examples of this could be to increase your vitamin B6 intake, Vitamin A intake and Zinc (no more than 100 mg)  if you suffer from monthly hormonal acne. (Zinc supports vitamin A function and contributes to tissue healing and regeneration.  Zinc also interferes with the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone, a stimulator of sebum production.)

*Keep in mind supplements take about 4 weeks before you will see results.  However, taking the zinc (10 mg are recommended) supplements 5 days before your cycle  and up until the day of and this should help eliminate or minimize breakouts

No meds for acne

Using meds for acne

 I am in my 30’s and have become a victim of adult acne.  As an esthetician it has been very frustrating for me, but I do know the culprit is my new hair cut and the oils coming onto my forehead therefore breaking out in small whiteheads all over my forehead.  In addition with my touch-tone phone and the oils transferring, my right cheek has been displaying not only acne but scarring.  My best friend has been salicylic acid.  With that said, i’ll leave you with some steps in combating the adult acne headache:

  1.  Cleanse regularly, especially if you are wearing makeup
  2. Exfoliate, making sure not to use harsh scrubs (like our favorite Apricot Scrub)
  3. Salicylic Acid – it’s also an exfoliant and helps slough away dead skin cells
FAST FACT: If you’re in your 40s, sudden breakouts in the lower cheeks and chin could be the result of the fluctuations in estrogen levels that lead to peri-menopause.

One Response to “Adult Acne increase in America”

  1. KhamilianMUA Says:

    Thanks Aisha!
    Yeah…the cell phone is a mean culprit! My right cheek is looking a hot mess. So the hands-free law is actually helping us all in more ways than one.

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