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Finding your perfect match October 4, 2010

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I am often asked from clients what is the best foundation for African-American skin.  This is often a pretty difficult question because of how far we’ve come in the beauty industry.  Most of my bridal clients shy away from foundation for one reason or another.  I cannot express how much foundation has improved and if you haven’t worn foundation because of a negative experience, now is your chance to get back in the game.  You will not be disappointed this time.  This blog was somewhat hard because there are many things to look at when choosing a foundation:

  1. Color match
  2. Finish/texture
  3. Coverage
  4. Type (liquid, cream, stick, etc.)

Remember skincare and makeup go hand in hand.  Makeup should not be used to cover up in it’s entirety otherwise it begins to look cakey and unnatural.  Makeup should be used to enhance your beauty – including your skin.  On the other hand, makeup should not be clogging pores and creating issues to destroy the skin.  With that said, I’m going to repeat the importance of sunscreen – without it you are creating issues with the skin that in turn create difficulty with your makeup.  So there!  With that out the way, let’s move on to some recommendations (broken into several categories):


Foundation Brand Recommended Skin type Coverage Finish/Texture Foundation type (liquid, cream, stick, etc.) Great range (typically consists of a range of colors)
L’Oreal Paris HIP (contains SPF 15) – Discontinued but still found in some stores Dry to combination normal skin Medium coverage (a little more than sheer) Natural finish Liquid  Great range, have yellow and red undertone focused colors
L’Oreal Paris True Match (contains SPF 17)  Combination to oily skin  Medium coverage  Natural finish (this product contains no oils)  Liquid  Good range of colors (24 shades)
Revlon ColorStay Best for Combination normal to dry  Medium coverage  Natural finish (this product contains no oils). Light weight feel.  Liquid  Range is limited.
Cover Girl cream to powder (with SPF) Combination normal to Combination oily  medium to heavy coverage  flawless coverage  cream that dries into a powder (which is why this is great for oily skin)  Range is great due to Queen Lateefah
Iman Cream to Powder Combination normal to combination oily  medium to heavy coverage  flawless coverage, great for covering blemishes as well Stick or compact Great range
Black Opal Combination dry to combination normal  medium to heavy coverage  flawless coverage, great for hiding blemishes  Stick or compact Outstanding range – one of the only companies with a darker color to match and not be red



Foundation Brand Recommended Skin type Coverage Finish/Texture Foundation type (liquid, cream, stick, etc.) Great range (typically consists of a range of colors)
Bobbi Brown moisturizing cream compact (SPF)  combination to dry skin  medium to heavy coverage  dewy finish, smooth and flawless finish,  cream/compact  Great range of colors from the palest to probably a chocolatey color
Makeup Forever Face & Body  combination skin Sheer  (can layer for fuller coverage) Natural (said to be transfer-resistant) Liquid/liquid gel (water-resistant)  Descent range (not many darker colors)
Makeup Forever HD  All skin types Great coverage Natural, flawless finish.  Silicone-base, so allows for natural glow. liquid  Great range from pale to pretty dark
FACE Atelier Ultra Foundation  All skin types  Medium coverage, but has the ability to build (just need to let it dry and apply another layer) Natural, flawless satin finish.  Silicone-base with built-in primer for all-day coverage.  liquid Great range – just added “women of color” additions.  Downfall is you may need to purchase zero plus/minus to darken or lighten
Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer Dry to combination normal Outstanding coverage – can build from sheer to heavy Your choice Cream Good range
Alison Rafaele  Mineral (liquid foundation) All skin types, especially sensitive skins Medium to full coverage Very natural, satin finish liquid Not a huge range of colors.  Only included because most skin of color is sensitive. Darkest color is probably cinnamon.


So whether you’re heading to a photoshoot or a night on the town, you should now be able to figure out your secret weapon to looking great!  Remember it’s about coverage ability and appropriateness and reflectance percentage and appropriateness (especially if you plan to be in front of a camera – this can be the difference between looking ghostly and looking normal). 

One recommendation I have not tried, but have heard great things about (a drugstore pick): Philosophy (which has SPF).

Having trouble matching your complexion, L’Oreal’s website will help you.

For those who are still hesitant to wear foundation AND have an EVEN skin tone, here are some of my favorites for great sheer foundations (with sunscreen): Bobbi Brown tinted moisturizer, Laura Mercier Illuminating Tinted (think twice before photo opp – could look extra shiny) Moisturizer, Makeup Forever Face & Body.


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