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The future of flawless skin is here October 26, 2010

I recently did a blog on finding your perfect match of foundation.  Well, I wanted to expound a little more to explain how one might get that flawless finish.  It first starts with skin preparation.  Starting with a bare (and by bare, I mean clean) face, you should ALWAYS apply a moisturizer.  Moisturizers are not all created equal so be sure to pick a moisturizer that is right for your skin type (this will be my next post).  The moisturizer should also be able to keep your skin moist for longer than an hour or two.  You don’t have to spend tons of money on a good moisturizer, but you must do your research.  The biggest moisturizing craze for makeup artists right now is Embryolisse (Side bar – I actually love this line for two reasons – (1) there are levels based on your skin type; (2) they are not made with mineral oil which is typically a clogging agent found in most moisturizers).  You do not need to go with this one, but something of similar quality will suffice.  This is the base of what your foundation will make sure to give an even coverage throughout the face.  You can also mix your moisturizer with your foundation in addition to applying the moisturizer to your face after cleansing.  The amount of moisturizer you mix with your foundation depends on the amount of coverage you desire.  On to the direction of the future – the new trend is the silicone-based foundations.  These products are very popular these days as they give a flawless and more natural look and lasts longer.  Unlike previous oil-based products that absorb into the skin, the silicone foundations float above the skin and bind to the skin, helping to create this longer, flawless finish.  So there it is folks – Silicone foundations, which are also typically your HD foundations.

I was on a forum today where a woman was looking for a mattifying silicone primer.  This is an oxymoron.  **Note: silicone foundation works by its consistency of ingredients which leave a shining and smoothing agent on the skin, as well as a moisture sealant. Essentially, it is used as a base to smooth and even skin lines and tones. This type of foundation is often favored for a long-lasting look, as it tends to produce a smooth canvas to begin your makeup application.

Almost every line these days has created a silicone-based foundation.  Refer back to the finding the perfect match table for foundation breakdowns.


Adult Acne increase in America October 20, 2010

I have been hearing more and more women speak on their frustration of never having had teenage acne, and now having to deal with the troubles of acne in their adult life.  Well let’s note, you are not free from acne just because you have surpassed the puberty stage.  Age has nothing to do with acne – some babies have acne.   

Baby acne

Baby acne

However, adult acne is becoming more prevalent – The Doctors’ Dr. Drew Ordon quoted that adult acne has increased by up to 40%.  That’s a significant difference!  So why all of a sudden is it more prevalent?  It should first be noted that this increase is mostly seen in females.  So this may allow us better answers to why the increase: 

(1) More women are taking on responsibility in the family and helping to  bring home the bacon (turkey please!);  

(2) More women are taking hormonal drugs which like anything else put in the body will release through the skin; 

(3) Lastly, we are all enduring even more stress than previous years.  Stress will also target the skin and release toxins, resulting in many different skin problems, one major one being acne. 

So what is acne?  Acne forms from the oils and sebum trying to release from under the skin – if you do not exfoliate and keep the pores unclogged and do not allow this sebum/oil to release, it will form into a buildup which pushes its way to the top of the skin and forms either a blackhead (that which is exposed to oxygen), a whitehead (that which is not exposed to oxygen). 

Sebum and sebaceous gland

What is a pimple?


From the cause and effect just explained we should be able to deduce our final conclusion on how to eliminate adult acne:

(1) In dealing with stress you can allow yourself a set moment of relaxation (if possible); also you can try to sleep more, exercise more, and of course by having a balanced diet  will contributes to physical well-being and hence prevent acne.  As for supplements, B5 and B12 are great for energy, with 12 helping enhance the activity of the immune system and deal with stress 

(2) Hormonal causes can be curtailed by finding an alternate medication that may be more natural and less toxins released from the skin.  Some examples of this could be to increase your vitamin B6 intake, Vitamin A intake and Zinc (no more than 100 mg)  if you suffer from monthly hormonal acne. (Zinc supports vitamin A function and contributes to tissue healing and regeneration.  Zinc also interferes with the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone, a stimulator of sebum production.)

*Keep in mind supplements take about 4 weeks before you will see results.  However, taking the zinc (10 mg are recommended) supplements 5 days before your cycle  and up until the day of and this should help eliminate or minimize breakouts

No meds for acne

Using meds for acne

 I am in my 30’s and have become a victim of adult acne.  As an esthetician it has been very frustrating for me, but I do know the culprit is my new hair cut and the oils coming onto my forehead therefore breaking out in small whiteheads all over my forehead.  In addition with my touch-tone phone and the oils transferring, my right cheek has been displaying not only acne but scarring.  My best friend has been salicylic acid.  With that said, i’ll leave you with some steps in combating the adult acne headache:

  1.  Cleanse regularly, especially if you are wearing makeup
  2. Exfoliate, making sure not to use harsh scrubs (like our favorite Apricot Scrub)
  3. Salicylic Acid – it’s also an exfoliant and helps slough away dead skin cells
FAST FACT: If you’re in your 40s, sudden breakouts in the lower cheeks and chin could be the result of the fluctuations in estrogen levels that lead to peri-menopause.

Good morning good folks! I usually do no October 12, 2010

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Good morning good folks! I usually do not like seeing myself on film (I’m a behind the scenes girl) but my girl Donna made sure I was represented well! Check me out! (I’ll have to find the final picture and post) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P6kGd3ZYQKc


Finding your perfect match October 4, 2010

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I am often asked from clients what is the best foundation for African-American skin.  This is often a pretty difficult question because of how far we’ve come in the beauty industry.  Most of my bridal clients shy away from foundation for one reason or another.  I cannot express how much foundation has improved and if you haven’t worn foundation because of a negative experience, now is your chance to get back in the game.  You will not be disappointed this time.  This blog was somewhat hard because there are many things to look at when choosing a foundation:

  1. Color match
  2. Finish/texture
  3. Coverage
  4. Type (liquid, cream, stick, etc.)

Remember skincare and makeup go hand in hand.  Makeup should not be used to cover up in it’s entirety otherwise it begins to look cakey and unnatural.  Makeup should be used to enhance your beauty – including your skin.  On the other hand, makeup should not be clogging pores and creating issues to destroy the skin.  With that said, I’m going to repeat the importance of sunscreen – without it you are creating issues with the skin that in turn create difficulty with your makeup.  So there!  With that out the way, let’s move on to some recommendations (broken into several categories):


Foundation Brand Recommended Skin type Coverage Finish/Texture Foundation type (liquid, cream, stick, etc.) Great range (typically consists of a range of colors)
L’Oreal Paris HIP (contains SPF 15) – Discontinued but still found in some stores Dry to combination normal skin Medium coverage (a little more than sheer) Natural finish Liquid  Great range, have yellow and red undertone focused colors
L’Oreal Paris True Match (contains SPF 17)  Combination to oily skin  Medium coverage  Natural finish (this product contains no oils)  Liquid  Good range of colors (24 shades)
Revlon ColorStay Best for Combination normal to dry  Medium coverage  Natural finish (this product contains no oils). Light weight feel.  Liquid  Range is limited.
Cover Girl cream to powder (with SPF) Combination normal to Combination oily  medium to heavy coverage  flawless coverage  cream that dries into a powder (which is why this is great for oily skin)  Range is great due to Queen Lateefah
Iman Cream to Powder Combination normal to combination oily  medium to heavy coverage  flawless coverage, great for covering blemishes as well Stick or compact Great range
Black Opal Combination dry to combination normal  medium to heavy coverage  flawless coverage, great for hiding blemishes  Stick or compact Outstanding range – one of the only companies with a darker color to match and not be red



Foundation Brand Recommended Skin type Coverage Finish/Texture Foundation type (liquid, cream, stick, etc.) Great range (typically consists of a range of colors)
Bobbi Brown moisturizing cream compact (SPF)  combination to dry skin  medium to heavy coverage  dewy finish, smooth and flawless finish,  cream/compact  Great range of colors from the palest to probably a chocolatey color
Makeup Forever Face & Body  combination skin Sheer  (can layer for fuller coverage) Natural (said to be transfer-resistant) Liquid/liquid gel (water-resistant)  Descent range (not many darker colors)
Makeup Forever HD  All skin types Great coverage Natural, flawless finish.  Silicone-base, so allows for natural glow. liquid  Great range from pale to pretty dark
FACE Atelier Ultra Foundation  All skin types  Medium coverage, but has the ability to build (just need to let it dry and apply another layer) Natural, flawless satin finish.  Silicone-base with built-in primer for all-day coverage.  liquid Great range – just added “women of color” additions.  Downfall is you may need to purchase zero plus/minus to darken or lighten
Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer Dry to combination normal Outstanding coverage – can build from sheer to heavy Your choice Cream Good range
Alison Rafaele  Mineral (liquid foundation) All skin types, especially sensitive skins Medium to full coverage Very natural, satin finish liquid Not a huge range of colors.  Only included because most skin of color is sensitive. Darkest color is probably cinnamon.


So whether you’re heading to a photoshoot or a night on the town, you should now be able to figure out your secret weapon to looking great!  Remember it’s about coverage ability and appropriateness and reflectance percentage and appropriateness (especially if you plan to be in front of a camera – this can be the difference between looking ghostly and looking normal). 

One recommendation I have not tried, but have heard great things about (a drugstore pick): Philosophy (which has SPF).

Having trouble matching your complexion, L’Oreal’s website will help you. (more…)


Women Entrepreneurs want to make a footprint in social media? October 1, 2010

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I can’t believe I let two weeks go by without posting a THING! 
I must say though, I’ve been on my grind and ready to spit out a bunch of updates of what’s been going on!
For now, check this out: http://www.womenwhoroar.net/the-edge/

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