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Grooming and The Expendables Part III September 15, 2010

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Swarznegger, playing Trench in the film probably learned grooming early on in his life in his bodybuilding career.  Most bodybuilding champions are clean-cut and their personal grooming must be impeccable.  So it’s no question to see the present California governor with his clean, smooth look.  To get his clean-cut style, we went to Hollywood’s George Carroll for his step-by-step grooming instructions:

LET’S SHAPE IT: start with a contoured silhouette with close tapered sideburns and collar length neckline. The contoured shape gives thin hair an over all thicker look and fits comfortably under a base-ball cap. With a few adjustments (tweaks) as it grows you can find the ideal length and shape for your style. 

LET’S STYLE IT: To style, start with a dab of your favorite shaping gel, or styling mousse or nothing at all. Just run either through damp hair and comb in place to dry au natural or give it a once over with a blow dryer for a full look. When dry, finger comb a dab of hair styling cream through the top and sides and you’ve got Arnold’s star style.

LET’S ADD SIDEBURNS: Nothing can reshape a face or add a dramatic look like facial hair. Sideburns can be full, close, long, short or narrow. This simple addition can make large ears appear smaller; accent cheek bones; make a narrow face wider and definitely adds a stylish or artsy look.

Current California Governor in Expendables Groomed Swarzenegger for The Expendables



As for “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, playing Dan Paine … sometimes no hair is best hair.  Add a goatee, and you’ve got a stone cold groomed look for todays man.  Blending the risqué bald head and the bad boy goatee gives us that bad boy our mothers never wanted us to like.  And although it seems the silver screen saves the goatee for the bad guy or the cheesy sidekick, I am a big fan of goatees as long as it’s kept simple and neat and I think in real life it gives a more refined look to the man.

"Stone Cold" Expendable “Stone Cold” Expendable



Talk about smooth!  Jet Li, who flies across screens and blocks kicks and jabs with the finesse only a martial arts master can do with speed and agility.  He comes to us as Ying Yang, oddly enough for a man who balances the yin-and-yang of the eastern and western worlds in real life.  Li was groomed with his notable short jet black cut combed to the back, characterizing his role as a smooth martial arts expert.  This look would work on the smoothest of operators. Simple to achieve and works on most.

Jet Li in The Expendables jet-li-expendables


BONUS CONTENT (taken from Mens Fitness Magazine):
Jason Statham’s Expendables workout
Get a body like the Stath
Here’s the workout Statham used to get shredded for the brashest and most boisterous action movie of the year.
Every time actor Jason Statham (Lee Christmas) – British special forces, with a thing for blades- appears in a new movie, he looks even more ripped than he did in the last one. The Expendables is a case in point – the Stath is quite frankly a monster in it. The top-secret programme that got him that way was devised by movie star trainer Logan Hood and here’s a sample week from it. Do it using the same weights Statham did (listed in the workout) and you’ll realise how ‘faking’ strong the cockney hard man is.

Monday – short-circuit
1) 10-minute row.
2) 40kg rope pull (rope attached to a weighted sled), 20m bear crawl. As many rounds as possible in 10 minutes.
3) 10-minute row.

Tuesday – pushing supersets
1) Five-minute row.
2) Three pull-ups, five press-ups, seven squats. As many rounds as possible in five minutes.
3) Snatch grip dead lift (five at 45kg, five at 60kg, five at 85kg, five at 95kg).
4) Superset (4 sets of 10 reps with 90sec rest between sets): incline DB press (42kg), standing military press (30kg), skullcrushers (25kg).
5) Superset (4 sets of 10 reps with 90sec rest between sets): narrow grip press-ups, lateral raise (15kg), triceps extensions (6kg).
6) Abdominal rollouts (five sets of 10).

Wednesday – rest

Thursday – pulling supersets
1) Five-minute row.
2) Three pull-ups, five press-ups, seven squats. As many rounds as possible in five minutes.
3) Bulgarian split squats (five at 20kg, five at 30kg, five at 35kg).
4) Superset (4 sets of 10 reps with 90sec rest between sets): one 10m rope climb (no feet), 10 shrugs (85kg) and 10 ex-bar curls (26kg).
5) Superset (4 sets of 10 reps with 90sec rest between sets): 10 pull-ups, 10 incline front raises (12kg) and 10 hammer curls (20kg).
6) Hanging knee raises (five sets of 10).

Friday – intervals
1) Warm up with two 50m sprints.
2) Cardio complex (complete five rounds, rest period is half the time it takes to complete the round): Suicide run (run 10m then run back, 20m then run back, 30m then run back, 40m then run back, 50m then run back), 80m kettlebell (48kg) farmer’s walk, 80m one-arm kettlebell overhead carry (16kg, switch arms at 40m), 80m tire drag (SUV or small truck).

Saturday – rest

Sunday – rest

Get the September issue of Men’s Fitness to see the workouts Sylvester Stallone and Randy Couture used to expand for The Expendables. And check all the other celebrity workouts we’ve got out in our celebrity body section.


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