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Grooming and The Expendables Part II September 1, 2010

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Last week, I spoke of the grooming of four (4) of The Expendables.  Did you wonder about the others?  Here’s my part 2 – this set of The Expendables just so happen to be our clean-cut bad boys.  Pay close attention, the grooming tips following are what the women seem to be attracted to.  


Now we come to Jason Statham.  What lady has not sighed when watching an action movie with Jason Statham.  Always well-groomed and clean-cut (in both ways).  Statham has long been the master of the buzz-short cut.  The buzz cut works well with men trying to disguise thin or balding hair but are not ready to let it all go.  The buzz cut comes in many lengths that you can gradually employ through your transition.  Statham wears the buzz short cut well — the look wears well on Statham to help his bad boy, urban, edgy yet sophisticated image.  WOW!  Didn’t know you could get all of that in one until I just said it!  To achieve this look, grab the clippers and set your buzz #! 

Statham Jason Statham piloting in the Expendables



Clippers please!  These are the words Venables probably heard over and over again.  UFC Hall-of-Famer Randy Couture may have been one of the simplest on the movie set to groom.  Randy, also known as “The Natural” went without any hair, as he generally does throughout the film.  This was probably a simple look for Couture, as he probably learned many tips from Axis Shavers when he “joined forces to play hard, be smooth” and became the face of the Axis Shavers in 2007.  Many may not be aware that he became the face of this high-end rotary foil electric shaver, whose company proposed to donate 100% of its sales profits (of the camouflage designed one of a kind shavers) to help provide financial and emotional support to soldiers returning from Iraq.  Interested in how to get this clean look?

5 steps to get a smooth-shaven head or face, according to askmen.com:

Step 1: Don’t towel dry your head or face. Leave it moist and keeping the stubble soft for step 2.

Step 2: Apply plenty of gel to reduce friction, and massage it into your skin.

Step 3: Keep your hands and face clean to keep the skin healthy

Step 4: Shave tricky spots last – start from flat surfaces (like your sideburns) and move to the upper lip and finally to the more round areas (around your chin and ears). This allows the gel to work its way in.  Always use light strokes and let the razor work, not you (trust the razor).

Step 5: Apply a soothing post shave gel, that does NOT contain alcohol

UFC Randy Couture Randy Couture in The Expendables



And after the buzz cut starts to totally fade, opt for the close shave.  This particular cut works well when the bald spot enlarges.  With a close shave, you leave little to no hair on the scalp, just enough to blend both areas.  It’s a bold but sleek move that can be seen on Bruce Willis, playing Mr. Church.

Bruce close shaven in Expendables Willis close-shaven in Expendables


“Mr. Muscles” Terry Crews, former NFL linebacker from the 90’s and ex Redskin, might I add, plays Hale Caesar.  Crews could be seen as an icon for mens grooming, since he was also a face for Old Spice.  Watch these clips, and you may be a little nervous for Venables because she says “they practically held me at gunpoint for a clipper-cut every third day of shooting.”

Expendable Terry Crews Expendable Terry Crews

I couldn’t help but to include his commercials as a groomed man for Old Spice:

Old Spice – Punch!

Old Spice – The Blocker!

Old Spice –  Flexing!


, and I may even throw in an added bonus.ExpendablesThat’s all for now…until next week.  Trust, I will complete the full line up next week with the last few


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  1. KhamilianMUA Says:

    Luv the post part II!

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