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Fashion Night Out 2010 Superstar Skin Sighting September 15, 2010

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I’m sitting home watching a special on Channel 7, simply titled “Fashion Night Out 2010” and hosted by Neil Patrick Harris and featuring major industry lumninaries such as Anna Wintour, Oscar de la Renta, Diane von Furstenberg, Tommy Hilfiger, and Tory Burch.  I couldn’t help but to notice Diane when she spoke because (as I’m a huge fan) my ears and eyes perk up whenever I hear DVF!  So watching her closely, and since I’ve been intrigued by the fine lines that a lot of older caucasian women get around their mouths (ever since Renee Rouleau spoke on drinking through straws causing wrinkles), I couldn’t help but notice her mouth area (or obicularis oris).

Obicularis Oris

Puckered mouth

So this led me to briefly discuss options.  As a way to prevent this, you can follow Renee Rouleau’s warning and stop drinking so much through straws.  You could also stopped puckering up and kissing!  (lol – only kidding).  As this is not an area for Botox, your option here is chemical peel.  A chemical peel can help to reverse this feathered lip look.  There are three different levels chemical peels – mild, moderate, and strong.  A simple fruit peel is a mild chemical peel and would not be strong enough to reverse this feathering, however a chemical peel using either TCA (Trichloroacetic Acid), is more moderate and a good option.  Phenol (which I don’t think is used much today as it is very strong), would be a third option, however one must be careful as it is the strongest of the types of chemical peels.  

Chemical peels use a chemical to improve and smooth the texture of the facial skin by removing its damaged outter layers.  Fruit peels, such as glycolic or lactic are a lot milder and create a smoother, and brighter skin with a faster recovery time.  Here is a further breakdown of the differences in chemical peels.  Make sure you know this when going to your esthetician or dermatologist so that you know what you are asking for or even being recommended:


  • Smooths rough and dry skin
  • Improves sun damaged skin
  • Helps with acneic skin

Note: a series of peels may be needed before results are seen.  Also, it is highly recommended that SPF is used when receiving such treatments.


  • Helps smooth fine surface wrinkles
  • Removes superficial blemishes

Note: Chemical peels of this strength usually cause peeling, redness and burning and can sometimes cause light blistering.  This can last for up to two weeks after the treatment. Close attention to skin care is needed during this healing period.  Just as with the fruit peel, sunscreen is VERY important and repeat treatments are generally recommended for best results.


Grooming and The Expendables Part III

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Swarznegger, playing Trench in the film probably learned grooming early on in his life in his bodybuilding career.  Most bodybuilding champions are clean-cut and their personal grooming must be impeccable.  So it’s no question to see the present California governor with his clean, smooth look.  To get his clean-cut style, we went to Hollywood’s George Carroll for his step-by-step grooming instructions:

LET’S SHAPE IT: start with a contoured silhouette with close tapered sideburns and collar length neckline. The contoured shape gives thin hair an over all thicker look and fits comfortably under a base-ball cap. With a few adjustments (tweaks) as it grows you can find the ideal length and shape for your style. 

LET’S STYLE IT: To style, start with a dab of your favorite shaping gel, or styling mousse or nothing at all. Just run either through damp hair and comb in place to dry au natural or give it a once over with a blow dryer for a full look. When dry, finger comb a dab of hair styling cream through the top and sides and you’ve got Arnold’s star style.

LET’S ADD SIDEBURNS: Nothing can reshape a face or add a dramatic look like facial hair. Sideburns can be full, close, long, short or narrow. This simple addition can make large ears appear smaller; accent cheek bones; make a narrow face wider and definitely adds a stylish or artsy look.

Current California Governor in Expendables Groomed Swarzenegger for The Expendables



As for “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, playing Dan Paine … sometimes no hair is best hair.  Add a goatee, and you’ve got a stone cold groomed look for todays man.  Blending the risqué bald head and the bad boy goatee gives us that bad boy our mothers never wanted us to like.  And although it seems the silver screen saves the goatee for the bad guy or the cheesy sidekick, I am a big fan of goatees as long as it’s kept simple and neat and I think in real life it gives a more refined look to the man.

"Stone Cold" Expendable “Stone Cold” Expendable



Talk about smooth!  Jet Li, who flies across screens and blocks kicks and jabs with the finesse only a martial arts master can do with speed and agility.  He comes to us as Ying Yang, oddly enough for a man who balances the yin-and-yang of the eastern and western worlds in real life.  Li was groomed with his notable short jet black cut combed to the back, characterizing his role as a smooth martial arts expert.  This look would work on the smoothest of operators. Simple to achieve and works on most.

Jet Li in The Expendables jet-li-expendables


BONUS CONTENT (taken from Mens Fitness Magazine):
Jason Statham’s Expendables workout
Get a body like the Stath
Here’s the workout Statham used to get shredded for the brashest and most boisterous action movie of the year.
Every time actor Jason Statham (Lee Christmas) – British special forces, with a thing for blades- appears in a new movie, he looks even more ripped than he did in the last one. The Expendables is a case in point – the Stath is quite frankly a monster in it. The top-secret programme that got him that way was devised by movie star trainer Logan Hood and here’s a sample week from it. Do it using the same weights Statham did (listed in the workout) and you’ll realise how ‘faking’ strong the cockney hard man is.

Monday – short-circuit
1) 10-minute row.
2) 40kg rope pull (rope attached to a weighted sled), 20m bear crawl. As many rounds as possible in 10 minutes.
3) 10-minute row.

Tuesday – pushing supersets
1) Five-minute row.
2) Three pull-ups, five press-ups, seven squats. As many rounds as possible in five minutes.
3) Snatch grip dead lift (five at 45kg, five at 60kg, five at 85kg, five at 95kg).
4) Superset (4 sets of 10 reps with 90sec rest between sets): incline DB press (42kg), standing military press (30kg), skullcrushers (25kg).
5) Superset (4 sets of 10 reps with 90sec rest between sets): narrow grip press-ups, lateral raise (15kg), triceps extensions (6kg).
6) Abdominal rollouts (five sets of 10).

Wednesday – rest

Thursday – pulling supersets
1) Five-minute row.
2) Three pull-ups, five press-ups, seven squats. As many rounds as possible in five minutes.
3) Bulgarian split squats (five at 20kg, five at 30kg, five at 35kg).
4) Superset (4 sets of 10 reps with 90sec rest between sets): one 10m rope climb (no feet), 10 shrugs (85kg) and 10 ex-bar curls (26kg).
5) Superset (4 sets of 10 reps with 90sec rest between sets): 10 pull-ups, 10 incline front raises (12kg) and 10 hammer curls (20kg).
6) Hanging knee raises (five sets of 10).

Friday – intervals
1) Warm up with two 50m sprints.
2) Cardio complex (complete five rounds, rest period is half the time it takes to complete the round): Suicide run (run 10m then run back, 20m then run back, 30m then run back, 40m then run back, 50m then run back), 80m kettlebell (48kg) farmer’s walk, 80m one-arm kettlebell overhead carry (16kg, switch arms at 40m), 80m tire drag (SUV or small truck).

Saturday – rest

Sunday – rest

Get the September issue of Men’s Fitness to see the workouts Sylvester Stallone and Randy Couture used to expand for The Expendables. And check all the other celebrity workouts we’ve got out in our celebrity body section.


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On Grooming & Skin care for Trejo in Machete September 3, 2010

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Danny Trejo as Machete

Danny Trejo as Machete

Machete opens today, September 3rd 2010.  Tuesday, I was presented with the opportunity to see a screening of the new movie Machete.  I had no clue it would inspire me to blog about grooming, but a few things about Danny Trejo inspired me to blog.  Not only was it his graduation to an action star, but his commendable lifestyle turn-around was all worth the second “skinema” blog. 

Machete was originally on the small screen in 2006 by Roman Hernandez Cordova and Pablo Esparza.  Slightly altered for 2010, this movie is about an ex-Mexican federal agent (federalie) who loses his family after a shake-down by fellow corupt cops, and moves across the border and into the US (Texas), in hopes of starting his life anew.  But things do not work out for him as he may want.  He struggles to get a job, as an undocumented worker in Austin, Texas.  Forced to make money to survive, he engages in a “hands-off” battle where he is spotted by a a corrupt politician who hires him as a killer and is later betrayed by the organization who hired him.  This movie has a surprisingly intriguing lineup including: Danny Trejo, Michelle Rodriguez, Robert De Niro, Steven Seagal, Cheech Marin (Cheech and Chong), Don Johnson (Miami Vice), and Jessica Alba.  

Robert Rodriguez, a long time film partner of Quentin Tarantino,and also known for El Mariachi and it’s sequel Desperado, Once Upon a Time in Mexico, and From Dusk Til Dawn.  The two have paired up on several films, including Four Rooms, Sin City, Grindhouse, and From Dusk til Dawn.  The similar styles of these two cronies are displayed in Machete – displaying hardcore blood and gore in a grimy way (and sometimes with a twist of horror) which can sometimes encourage audience laughter .

Rodriguez seems to know what he likes because his team is consistent.  Rodriguez’s Makeup department head Ermahn Ospina, (From Dusk til Dawn, Sin City, Desperado, Predators, and Once Upon a Time in Mexico) paired up with hair stylist Charles Yusko (Friday Night Lights) and Special Effects artist Meredith Johns may have had an easy job creating the “grimy” look for the leading man due to his skin’s appearance.  

Danny Trejo, with his severe facial acne scars and extensive tattoos seems to have type-cast him since most complexion problems are used to display the cinematic criminal in Hollywood.  With his “leathered” skin, my thought is that his scarring is a result of severe acne in his past, and the possibility of undergoing some sort of treatment to reduce or get rid of the cysts and pustules, also known as cystic acne.  To reduce the facial scarring, there are limited options.  Consider laser sessions with a certified technician or board certified physician.  Another option could be microdermabrasion, however as with most skins of color you must be cautious of the sensitivities to hyper-pigmentation.  Howerver, I doubt at this stage life, he is looking to make a drastic change, and anyway, this look can work for him as it’s almost a natural special effect for the roles in which he is cast.

All-in-all, skin issues or not, this knife-welding machete still looks good to be 66, a past drug-addict and criminal.  He has finally gotten his front and center lead role.  Is this our first Latino superhero? LOL.

Trejo's tattoos

Trejo's tattoos

I cannot end this blog without discussing my other two motivators – the importance of sunblock being the first up.  There have been many roles of Trejo showing off his “bad-boy” tattoos, but I couldn’t help but notice (with his shirt open, displaying his chest tattoo) the amount of sun his skin has seen.  His skin appears to be going in the direction of his face, displaying a “leathered” texture.  As with any skin, it is just as important for people with skin of color to wear sunblock.  As discussed before, skins of color is more prone to hyper-pigmentation and can be avoided by the use of sunblock.  Although blessed with a natural genetic ability to protect ourselves from sun (melanin), it is just as important to protect skins of color from the harmful UVA rays that are said to damage your collagen (thus accelerating the rate of skin aging) and even cause cancer; as well as protect skins of color from harmful UVB rays that can damage the DNA and cause skin burn as well as DNA mutations, leading to cancer.  Read more on SPF importance here.

Finally, I was totally surprised when Trejo lifted his arm as if to display victory, while also displaying a bare underarm.  Trejo’s underarm skin appeared too smooth to have been shaved, it looked to me as if he waxed his underarms.  I must end by asking, how many men do you know get waxed – whether it’s underarms, chest or back? And what is your opinion on this stage of male grooming? 

Veet for Men

Veet for Men

Check out these smooth underarms below.  And waxing the beard? Well, I’ve been wanting to do this for some time, just have never had a willing participant.  AND I love this superman chest-wax.  Doesn’t that just display his accomplishment of veing a superhero just for experiencing the chest-waxing? (although waxing should NOT be ridiculously painful – if it is – it’s not being done right).


Grooming and The Expendables Part II September 1, 2010

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Last week, I spoke of the grooming of four (4) of The Expendables.  Did you wonder about the others?  Here’s my part 2 – this set of The Expendables just so happen to be our clean-cut bad boys.  Pay close attention, the grooming tips following are what the women seem to be attracted to.  


Now we come to Jason Statham.  What lady has not sighed when watching an action movie with Jason Statham.  Always well-groomed and clean-cut (in both ways).  Statham has long been the master of the buzz-short cut.  The buzz cut works well with men trying to disguise thin or balding hair but are not ready to let it all go.  The buzz cut comes in many lengths that you can gradually employ through your transition.  Statham wears the buzz short cut well — the look wears well on Statham to help his bad boy, urban, edgy yet sophisticated image.  WOW!  Didn’t know you could get all of that in one until I just said it!  To achieve this look, grab the clippers and set your buzz #! 

Statham Jason Statham piloting in the Expendables



Clippers please!  These are the words Venables probably heard over and over again.  UFC Hall-of-Famer Randy Couture may have been one of the simplest on the movie set to groom.  Randy, also known as “The Natural” went without any hair, as he generally does throughout the film.  This was probably a simple look for Couture, as he probably learned many tips from Axis Shavers when he “joined forces to play hard, be smooth” and became the face of the Axis Shavers in 2007.  Many may not be aware that he became the face of this high-end rotary foil electric shaver, whose company proposed to donate 100% of its sales profits (of the camouflage designed one of a kind shavers) to help provide financial and emotional support to soldiers returning from Iraq.  Interested in how to get this clean look?

5 steps to get a smooth-shaven head or face, according to askmen.com:

Step 1: Don’t towel dry your head or face. Leave it moist and keeping the stubble soft for step 2.

Step 2: Apply plenty of gel to reduce friction, and massage it into your skin.

Step 3: Keep your hands and face clean to keep the skin healthy

Step 4: Shave tricky spots last – start from flat surfaces (like your sideburns) and move to the upper lip and finally to the more round areas (around your chin and ears). This allows the gel to work its way in.  Always use light strokes and let the razor work, not you (trust the razor).

Step 5: Apply a soothing post shave gel, that does NOT contain alcohol

UFC Randy Couture Randy Couture in The Expendables



And after the buzz cut starts to totally fade, opt for the close shave.  This particular cut works well when the bald spot enlarges.  With a close shave, you leave little to no hair on the scalp, just enough to blend both areas.  It’s a bold but sleek move that can be seen on Bruce Willis, playing Mr. Church.

Bruce close shaven in Expendables Willis close-shaven in Expendables


“Mr. Muscles” Terry Crews, former NFL linebacker from the 90’s and ex Redskin, might I add, plays Hale Caesar.  Crews could be seen as an icon for mens grooming, since he was also a face for Old Spice.  Watch these clips, and you may be a little nervous for Venables because she says “they practically held me at gunpoint for a clipper-cut every third day of shooting.”

Expendable Terry Crews Expendable Terry Crews

I couldn’t help but to include his commercials as a groomed man for Old Spice:

Old Spice – Punch!

Old Spice – The Blocker!

Old Spice –  Flexing!


, and I may even throw in an added bonus.ExpendablesThat’s all for now…until next week.  Trust, I will complete the full line up next week with the last few