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Grooming The Expendables Part I August 24, 2010

An ode to high-octane action thrillers from my youth (80’s and early 90’s), The Expendables came out two Friday’s ago (although it was the weekend after when I first started writing this), bringing together the ultimate A-listers of action heroes and villains.  What I loved about The Expendables, from the first moment I saw the marketing, was that each “bad boy” had their own signature “grimy” look that separated them from the other.  Each was groomed to portray their individual roles and here I break down each characters look and sometimes how to achieve it or who it works best for.  Who knows, you may be up for a new look for the fall or a new look in general: 


Stallone, who played Barney “The Schizo” Ross in the film was given an old school vintage look.  Liz Wolf (makeup artist) and Nicole Venables (hairstylist and Sly’s personal groomer on set) teamed up to give Stallone the perfect “bad boy” look, maintaining his salt and pepper hair and fuzzy raw texture.  Venables notes, Stallone does not wear wigs.   

Grooming Sly

Grooming Sly

Quoting Venables, when questioned on any challenges in creating the look for the action-packed film,  “I created a loose look that worked while dodging bullets, bombs, punches and serious grappling….His hair took a serious physical beating on this flick!”  So recommendation to all you strenuous job-holders, whether you’re dodging bullets, cars or spitballs, here’s how to get Sly’s action-packed look:  

Sylvester Stallone in The ExpendablesGrooming Sly


Dolph Lundgren playing Gunnar Jenson (why do I love that name), has for the most part, worn a short and trendy style in most of his Hollywood career.  Some may think that he has not varied much from this style besides a little more length here and there.  Oh the contrary, I’ve seen Lundgren with platinum blond hair, and even with a spiky mullet (in a He-Man outfit).  At one time Dolph Lundgren wore his hair in a flat top style, but currently it seems he is playing around with product and creating spikes that can be worn anywhere. His everyday look can typically be dressed up or down and still be a basic trendy look.  His current style fits his strong bone structure, accenting his blue eyes and square jaw line.  In the film, (under Sly’s direction) Venables gave Lundgren “a greasy, drug-afflicted vibe.”  She added length by giving him extensions, and was able to create a grungy look for Gunnar.  Check it out:  Lundgren in The Expendables 



What can I say that has not already been said on  the grooming of Mickey Rourke.  Mickey Rourke has been through a long line of looks through his Hollywood career.  From the baby face in Heavens Gate (1980) to the pretty boy look in Body Heat (1981), his “hard” look starts around the late ’80s with Barfly.  In the 1990’s, Rourke tested out a new career and changed roles when he flirted with the idea of boxing for four years.  Here is when the look really began to change.  In ’97 Rourke displayed a clean-cut bad boy look at the premiere of The Rainmaker.  Skip to 2000 where Rourke changes to a blond tanned beach boy look.  With a total new look in Sin City (2005) we see another flat top style (like mentioned with Lundgren), we jump to a long-haired blond wrestler in 2008.  And who can forget one of Rourke’s biggest roles and biggest come-backs in Iron Man, where he plays a Russian villain wearing white streaked hair.  Could he have enjoyed the hairstyle that much?!  Rourke plays the role of Tool, and according to Venables (unsurprisingly to most), “came to shoot already fully extended with his black and white striped bob (similar to that seen in Iron Man), leather-vested ensemble and custom motorcycle complementing his fully tatted character.” There’s no doubt, Rourke’s outfits and hair styling trends definitely make us take note.  Sporting the long black and white striped bob, an exaggerated thin mustache extended past the length of his lip with somewhat of a goatee tuft, we will all be watching out for his next look.  His personality definitely lets him get away with most of his looks.  

Mickey with Black and White Hair

Mickey Rourke


Venables “gave Eric Roberts, who plays the role of ruthless boss James Monroe, a manicured, silver, slicked-back look to exhibit complete control. Amazingly, that “control” stayed in place throughout the whole film, even standing up against the forces of nature during the explosion-ridden pier scene.”  To get explosion-proof hair wet your hair and brush  (using a Kent brush or military brush) through products like Murray’s Pomade and NuNile Pomade (use about the size of a dollar coin), or even a wax and spray/spritz as desired. 

Eric Roberts slick back for The Expendables

Roberts for The Expendables

Stay tuned for our next set of groomed Expendables next Tuesday….


One Response to “Grooming The Expendables Part I”

  1. KhamilianMUA Says:

    Go ‘ head Aisha! U really zoned in on the artistic side to each of the character’s looks! I wasn’t interested in the movie before….but I might be now.
    Thanks for piquing my interest!

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