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Sleeveless-Ready June 18, 2010

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Summer is here and it has been HOT!  No it has been STEAMY here in DC!  Well, I think I’ve worn more sleeveless shirts than usual (even in the summer).  So it’s been important to start my underarm regimen so I can be sleeveless-ready.  While most people are making sure to shave their underarms, I choose waxing.  Most people apt for a razor, which cuts the hair at the point where it exits the skin.  Typically in this case, hair removed with a razor may grow back within 3 days (of course it differs with genetics).    Where my waxed underarms take about a week and a half before I start seeing hair.  I have tried to recruit so many of my friends to waxing their underarms….and I know some babies (when it comes to pain).  Well…they are now addicted to it!  They endure the pain and keep it moving because it’s worth it! Nevertheless, in speaking with a new client who was not able to get her underarms waxed, she told me she tried Nair.  OH NO!  I have been afraid of Nair since my dad told me (as a kid) that it was made with glass that is one of the ingredients used to remove the hair.  It wasn’t until later in life that I found out the way Nair works is actually very similar to a perm (have you seen Chris Rock’s movie, Good Hair?).  In actuality, Nair used to use sodium hydroxide (lye!), which has since been replaced by calcium hydroxide.  Nevertheless, I think it’s pretty obvious to not use this in a sensitive area like your underarms.  Did you know this was probably the second most sensitive area on your body?  Ok, I’m off my soap box.  Back to the subject at hand – I urge you ALL to try waxing your underarms.  With that said, let me answer a big question I get asked:

Q: Can I use deodorant after waxing my underarms?

A: It’s best to wait 24 hours before applying deodorant.  The wax has just removed top layers of the skin and is sometimes inflammed, so any chemicals may cause more irritation or ingrowns or inflammed follicles.  If you MUST use deodorant directly after a wax (which most people can typically go a day without deodorant application), realize it may burn.  I also suggest (even outside of the waxing) a moisturizing deodorant like Dove.

After waxing, you’ll notice how smooth and soft your skin is, especially if the wax is a moisturizing formula.  However if you are still shaving, Dove recommends a “piticure” to care for your underarm skin.  A piticure consists of:

    • Exfoliating the skin using a gentle scrub, to pull out the impurities and prep the skin
    • Soak the skin with warm water, allowing it to soak for three minutes to soften the hair and open the hair follicles
    • Sooth the skin with Dove Ultimate Beauty Care anti-perspirant/deodorant.

– The Piticure was designed by Dr. Debra Luftman for Dove Deodorant

Soothing underarms


4 Responses to “Sleeveless-Ready”

  1. khamilianmua Says:

    I just spoke to someone about the very topic yesterday…aight…okay. Imma try it in a few weeks.

    • icfaces Says:

      You HAVE to! Let me know when and if you do it and your comments. OR if you want me to do it. I swear by Nufree (not really a wax though) – that’s what I mainly use.

  2. Great post! And like you, I prefer to wax my underarms too… I just get impatient with the “growing the hair out” phase! 🙂

    • icfaces Says:

      Thanks Mischo Beauty! Actually, what I’ve learned is that the length that I was taught in school (that it needs to be grown to – from the length of half of a pencil eraser to 1/2 inch) can be tweeked. I have been able to see slight growth and use my Nufree (which is not a wax) or hard wax to get those fine hairs.

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