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Change your sunscreen – just in time for summer May 26, 2010

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Today, I was watching Fox 5 news and a topic caught my ear – a study that was done by the Environmental Working Group found that about 80% of the current sunscreens on the market may actually either increase your risk of skin cancer and or not protect you from UVA rays (the rays that are responsible for increased wrinkles and aging).



All-in-all when preparing to protect yourself this summer, read your ingredients.  DO NOT purchase sunscreens with either of these two ingredients:

Retinyl Palmitate (Vitamin A) – found in 41% of sunscreens

Oxybenzone – see excerpt from wikipedia below

Oxybenzone is a derivative of benzophenone, which can attack DNA when illuminated. It generates strand breaks and various photoproducts.[7] Already in 1993 the use of oxybenzone had been strongly criticized, based on its similarity to benzophenone.[7]

The photomutagenic properties of these compounds might be a contributing factor to the increased melanoma incidence that has been found in sunscreen users. Other possibilities include consequent overexposure to sun without UVA protection and vitamin D deficiency from overuse of sunscreen. (see sunscreen controversy).

The company also recommends that you do not use sprays or loose powders due to inhaling the harsh chemicals.

Some of the recommended brands I recommend from the suggested  list are:

  • All Terrain
  • Badger
  • Beyond Coastal
  • Bull Frog
  • Coppertone (a classic)
  • Carribbean Solutions
  • Jasons Natural Cosmetics
  • La Roche Posay (a trusted Loreal brand)

The full list can be found at: http://www.ewg.org/2010sunscreen/best-beach-sport-sunscreens/

The write-up from EWG can be found at (go to health/toxics):  http://www.ewg.org/


4 Responses to “Change your sunscreen – just in time for summer”

  1. KhamilianMUA Says:

    Thanks Aisha! I will definitely be passing this on to my makeup clients as well.

  2. Wow I am really the first comment to your great post.

  3. […] things first, you want to start off with your sunscreen *Summer is an awesome time to wear your bronzer. You can get away with that sun-tanned look as if […]

  4. […] I cannot end this blog without discussing my other two motivators – the importance of sunblock being the first up. There have been many roles of Trejo showing off his “bad-boy” tattoos, but I couldn’t help but notice (with his shirt open, displaying his chest tattoo) the amount of sun his skin has seen. His skin appears to be going in the direction of his face, displaying a “leathered” texture. As with any skin, it is just as important for people with skin of color to wear sunblock. As discussed before, skins of color is more prone to hyper-pigmentation and can be avoided by the use of sunblock. Although blessed with a natural genetic ability to protect ourselves from sun (melanin), it is just as important to protect skins of color from the harmful UVA rays that are said to damage your collagen (thus accelerating the rate of skin aging) and even cause cancer; as well as protect skins of color from harmful UVB rays that can damage the DNA and cause skin burn as well as DNA mutations, leading to cancer. Read more on SPF importance here. […]

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