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Eagle Eyes Follow Up April 12, 2010

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I can’t believe I let a month go by without following up about the wonders of the “one-fruit wonder”, called Harataki.  Well, that’s probably because I’m just as torn as when I began the trial.  So I forced myself to drink and eat this horribly tasting fruit drink and fruit every day for, what initially started out to only be a week.  Two weeks went by and I DID notice a difference in my sight!  Believe it or not!  It was not a decrease in my prescription (well, I haven’t been to the eye doctor) as I expected (seems to work more for those who wear reading glasses).  But I did notice a clarity.  It was almost as if a lens was lifted that added clarity to the world.  Typically, night driving is a little more difficult and I have to concentrate a bit more than in the day.  I did not have this problem.  Sooooo….the Harataki, although disgusting is worth a 30 day trial period if not only for your health improvements (refer to the previous list), for your eyesight improvement and even skin.  Yes, I did see a difference in my skin. 

During the month of March, I drank the Harataki (and ate the fruit after my liter was gone) and used Neem oil.  Both of these seem to be GREAT for the skin because I was receiving compliments that I had not heard in a while.  Between the two, I believe I got a glow back to my face that I had been missing since childhood (when I received tons of compliments on my skin). 

All-in-all, if you’re up for the 30 day challenge, make sure to contact Dr. Patterson to inquire about the Harataki.  One bag is only $5!!!  You can’t beat this price for something that will increase your health in one way or another.  Did I mention, you don’t have to eat the fruit?  Just drink the water for 30 days.  I challenge all of you….and please leave your feedback! 

Dr. Winston Kokayi Patterson



(located in Silver Spring, MD – by appointment)