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Changing Skin December 21, 2009

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I’m 18 months past my 30th birthday, and I’m still going through my phase of loving and embracing my thirties; learning more and more about myself everyday.  I’m learning to care for my skin more as it changes year after year.  Yet, as I speak to more and more women my age and older, I realize there is an everyday struggle in handling our change in skin as we get older.  There seems to be no one handbook for changing your skin regimen once you hit that new milestone.  So here’s what I’ve come up with to help those who feel like they are having a sudden struggle or surprising new skin challenge:

YOUNG ADULTHOOD (20’s) – your skin should be at its best

  • avoid soaps
  • use a pH normalizer/toner
  • light daily moisturizer (all over)
  • daily sunscreen
  • if acneic skin – steam and use a mask once or twice a week


  • exfoliate 2 times a week (be careful NOT to over-exfoliate as this can cause just as much damage)
  • use a mask once a week
  • begin using an eye treatment at night
  • may begin developing hormonal changes (pregnancy/chloasma/pill/hormones/patchiness)


  • moisturize twice a day
  • steam, mask, and exfoliate twice a week
  • increase antioxidants – fruits/vitamins
  • watch and care for sun spots


  • collagen rebuilder (our collagen begins to breakdown at this age)
  • increase water consumption (we develop a water loss in our skin at this age)
  • infrequent exfoliation with facial brush (increased capillary exposure)

If you know someone encountering a new-found struggle with their skin, please share this information with them.  I am open to hearing your comments or criticisms on the suggested regimen.

Still looks great!

Beautiful Lena Horne


6 Responses to “Changing Skin”

  1. Do you have any thoughts on Retin-A or Retinol as part of the regime for women in their 20s? I have tried a friend’s cream two nights this week and it has not irritated my skin, and it seems a little brighter (could be my imagination, though!). I am in my 20s with normal-oily skin and the girls in my office and I have been talking about the possibility of using Retin-A/Retinol recently as a preventative measure to reverse the effects of sun damage. What’s the difference? Do you have any thoughts or advice? The cream I tried was Ayur-Medic Retinol cream. Thanks!!

    • icfaces Says:

      Hi la femme invisible,

      Thanks for the comment/question. My thoughts on Retin-A are pretty much similar to how I feel about drugs/medicines in general – all may cause side effects. Also, I am under the belief that there is always a holistic approach to healing. So while a lot of people ignore the end-results from medicines such as Retin-A, I often focus on the end result – the side effects that become bothersome over time.

      A lot of todays “quick fixes” are seeming to have long-term effects that you can only regret and hope can be fixed after it’s all over. Although not all may experience the side effects, I shy away from products like this because most skins become sensitive after usage. This is of utmost importance to me – sensitivity is the skin screaming that there is damage. (Most people with sensitive skin don’t realize their skin is already sensitive. If already sensitive, you may experience some of the extreme side effects like blistering or crusting). One of the huge things that stands out to me with Retin A is that your skin becomes sensitive to sunlight or such rays (or even cold and winds). So typically, if a client asks about using Retin A on a body part that I know is first to be hit by the sun (or other environmental factors), I suggest against it. Some other side effects from Retin A are redness, burning, peeling (sometimes to the extreme – crustiness), and skin irritation. Almost like ProActive, I hear a lot of people who absolutely LOVE it in the beginning when they can see the results and after some time with the product, it turns to hate for all types of reasons.

      There are several reasons people turn to Retin A or are prescribed to Retin A. It sounds like in your case, you are looking to reverse sun damage. Are we speaking of wrinkles or hyperpigmentation? There are several other options for either case, without causing possible continued damage to the skin. You said you are in your 20s. That age, it is imperitive to support your skin and keep it at it’s healthiest. You are making a good start – by the sounds of it you are addressing your concerns and taking actions at the right time.

      Other options:
      -A superficial/chemical peel might be great for you
      -microdermabrasion can help (if it fits your budget)

      For the future (of course you know that sunscreen is important):
      -use a suncreen that protects agains UVA and UVB rays
      -can use mineral makeup, which contains such reflectants as zinc
      -wear hats which will hide the face from sun rays

      I hope this helps. I have so much to say about it, but trying to keep it short. So I hope it doesn’t sound like I was just rambling. I tried to make it make sense! I can go on and on….(sorry)

  2. you aren’t rambling at all! thank you for your thoughtful reply. that all makes total sense. as you know from the post you read, i have actually been paying more attention to organic/natural products and definitely examine the list of ingredients in the products i use closely.

    my dermatologist suggested i try retinol, which is not as harsh as retin-a, in a .5% solution, every other night, only at night. i am going to try it out and will let you know how it goes! she actually gave me a lot of tips which i plan on writing about tomorrow. my skin is in pretty good condition except for areas of pigmentation and emerging wrinkles on my forehead.

    thanks again and i look forward to reading more from you!

  3. icfaces Says:

    I would appreciate any updates. I totally jumped passed the retinol part, just focused on the “Retin A”. Sorry. So is your derm. prescribing an enzyme with the retinol or just prescribing the retinol alone? I’ll patiently await your summarized experience.

  4. She actually suggested I use Skinceuticals Vic C Phloretin serum http://www.skinceuticals.com/_us/_en/catalog/prevent/Phloretin-CF.htm, 3-5 drops in the morning with my moisturizer. She says it is the most effective over-the-counter antioxidant you can put on your skin, but it is expensive ($150) so I am going to wait to use the retinol (also skinceuticals) and see how that goes before I make any decisions about buying it. (Or… maybe Santa will get it for me!!) I will send you the link tomorrow when I finish the post!

  5. […] maker of Carmex lip balm, Carma Laboratories, has launched a skin care line! The new skin care line consists of Carmex Healing lotion, which is intended for everyday use, and Carmex Healing […]

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